How to Sell My House Fast for Market Value

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Depending on the market, there is usually some give and take regarding sales price and speed of sale. In a hot market, you might get market value within a few days. In a slow market, it could take months. However, there are ways you can get market value faster regardless of the current market.

Tips on How to Sell My House Fast for Market Value

In most cases, you need to spend some money to get more money out of your house. Spending usually comes in the form of repairs, upgrades, staging, curb appeal, and real estate agent fees.

Repairs & Upgrades

By definition, Market Value is the price a property should bring based on comparable properties. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they only need to look at square footage and the number of bedrooms to determine market value, but that’s not the case.

Suppose similar-sized houses with similar floor plans that have sold in your neighborhood have upgraded kitchens. To be comparable and receive the same sales prices as they received, you’ll likely need an upgraded kitchen, too.

For this reason, real estate listing agents will often recommend repairs and upgrades you should complete to receive market value.


Staging doesn’t necessarily help you to sell for more money. However, staging can play a big role in selling faster. To stage your property, you should deep clean, declutter, and depersonalize. Depersonalizing (i.e., removing family photos and unique décor) helps potential buyers imagine their families in the house instead of looking at your house.

Staging mostly requires elbow grease, but can accrue cleaning fees, storage costs, and even staging expenses if you hire it out.

Curb Appeal

Potential buyers tend to judge books by their covers. So, you want to make sure the “cover” of your house is as appealing as possible. You can greatly improve curb appeal by:

  • Painting the house exterior or at least the trim
  • Grooming or replacing the landscaping
  • Adding flowers
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing front door
  • Replacing garage door (usually has a big ROI!)

Just with staging, improving curb appeal usually requires elbow grease and additional labor and material costs.

Experienced Real Estate Agent

The speed of a sale can also greatly depend on the experience of your listing agent. Experienced agents usually have a much bigger sales network of investors and ready-to-buy homeowners. Plus, experienced agents tend to have bigger advertising budgets.

Of course, listing your house with an agent comes with a standard 6% commission fee.

How to Sell Your House the Fastest

The fastest way to sell your house is to a cash investor. That way, you can forego the loan approval stages that usually take a minimum of 30 days. Plus, most cash investors will buy the house as-is. That means no staging, no repairs, and no upgrades. It also means no 6% commission if you find the investor yourself.

As you can see, a cash investor can save you on all those costs. So, even though they will likely offer you less money than market value, you could potentially end up with a similar profit. You can calculate if your sell-house-for-cash offer is fair. If it is, you can sell yourself in a matter of days instead of weeks!

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