Sell Your House in 7 Days

Do you need to sell your home quickly? You may be envisioning a drawn-out process that involves many showings and expensive repairs. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Believe it or not, if you follow the right steps, you can sell your house in 7 days.


So, if you don’t have lots of time and money to invest in the process, keep reading!


Why Would You Want to Sell Fast?

There are numerous reasons homeowners need to get a house off their hands fast. In this case, the traditional home market isn’t the right option, so buyers need to look elsewhere. Here are some common scenarios where alternative options result in faster sell times:


  • Inherited properties
  • Impending foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Too many required repairs


How to Sell Your House in 7 Days

Okay, so let’s get to it! How do you sell your house in this short amount of time? Easy, choose one of these options:


Hire A Real Estate Agent

If your house is in a desirable area, then there may be buyers waiting for a home in your neighborhood to go up for sale. If this is the case, a professional realtor with a proven track record in your local market can help prep your home and market it to sell rather quickly. In fact, according to Zillow, the average home was only on the market for about 25 days in 2020.


While the average is a bit more than 7 days, if you choose the right realtor and set a reasonable price, there’s no reason you can’t sell within a week. Here are some tips that will help:


  • Declutter and clean the entire house
  • Update or repair the landscaping outside
  • Complete cosmetic repairs such as paint and hole repair
  • Install new faucets, ceiling fans, blinds, etc.


Alternatively, if your asking price is too high, the home requires too many repairs, or is located in a less desirable area, you should probably choose a different option for a quick sale.


However, actually closing escrow on the deal can take longer if financing is involved. Usually, buyers using financing need 30 or more days to close.


If you need the sale to be completely finalized in 7 days, then you’ll need to find a cash buyer.


Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

Here’s the secret for which you’ve been waiting! Find a reputable company in your area that buys houses for cash. You will be amazed at how fast this process works. From offer to close typically takes 5-10 days.


Companies that buy houses for cash review the home and offer competitive cash offers, usually within 24-hours. Choosing this method allows you to skip dealing with home showings, and they typically buy the house “as is,” which means you are not responsible for any repairs to the home. This alone can save a great deal of time and money, not to mention stress.


While the offer is less than market value, you save in other ways:

  • No additional mortgage payments
  • No repair costs
  • No realtor commissions
  • No inspection costs
  • No costly delays


If you are looking to sell your Southwest Florida home fast, contact us today! We would love to give you an offer and make a deal!


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