How to Sell My House Fast: Florida Edition

Are you getting ready to sell your Florida home? You’re probably wondering how long it will take, and want some tips on speeding things up. Here is your guide on “How to Sell My House Fast: Florida Edition.”

Average Days on Market (DOM) in Florida

In Florida, the average DOM, or “days on the market,” for a typical house to sell is 114. It takes about 79 days to get an offer and then an additional 35 days to close. This average is slower than the national average, taking about 14.7% longer.

These are national averages and do vary both monthly and seasonally.

When is the Best Time to Sell in Florida?

When selling your house, timing matters! Research shows that the best time to sell your house in Florida is in March. At that time, it only takes only about 67 days to get an offer. That number does not include the average 35 days it takes to close.

The worst month in Florida to sell your house fast is June, which averages about 97 days. Again, that is only DOM, not including the more than a month it usually takes to officially close escrow.

Tips to Sell Quickly

If the average DOM in Florida seems too long, do not despair. There are things you can do to sell your house faster! When thinking about, How to sell my house fast (Florida), try using some of our tips.

Make Small Improvements

The “hot selling” trend in Florida currently is minimalism, meaning clean, decluttered spaces. If you have not updated your home or given it a little “refresh” lately, you will want to consider doing so.

You can easily replace light fixtures, faucets, and window treatments with updated ones that provide clean lines. Consider painting and packing away knickknacks and photo frames for a fresh, clean look with minimal clutter.

Price it Right

Selling a home you have loved to live in can be an emotional time. You mustn’t let your emotions get in the way of pricing your house “right.” Follow the advice of real estate professionals when setting a price.

If you do not get an offer, consider lowering the price. Often homeowners get stuck with a specific sales price in mind and fail to price their home competitively when it’s needed. Selling your home for the right price will help you sell it faster.

Make All the Repairs

Homebuyers prefer not to purchase a house that comes with a long “honey do” list of repairs. Before listing your house, make the necessary repairs. Fix the broken tile in the bathroom. Buff your hardwood floors. You will get more offers and sell it more quickly.

Stage Your Home

Homebuyers have a difficult time envisioning changes to the home. That’s why it is important to declutter and stage it with appealing furniture!

A buyer should walk in and be able to see how their own furniture would fit nicely in a room. They will be more likely to get a positive feeling about your house and put in an offer.

Update the Pool

In the Sunshine State, many homebuyers want a pool. If your home has a pool, consider updating it. Be sure to stage the pool area as you would inside the house. That way, potential buyers can envision themselves enjoying the pool area and be more likely to make an offer.

Next Steps for Florida Home Sellers

While these tips can help you sell your home faster in Florida, you might not be in a position to stay in or fix up your home. A new job or financial issue may be influencing your decision to sell your home fast.

If you do not want to hassle with fixing up your home or waiting 35 days for your escrow to close, consider selling your house for cash. The sale is quick and hassle-free!

Contact Tropic Coast Homes today to get a fair cash offer for your house.

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