How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Florida

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Are you selling or buying a home in Florida? If so, you might be wondering, How much does a home inspection cost, Florida?

Price vs Value

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. When looking for a home inspector, you want to look at more than just the price tag. Some home inspectors may be priced higher than others, but that could be due to his or her qualifications.

When hiring someone to inspect your home or future home, you want to be sure that person will be thorough and professional.

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

During a home inspection, the inspector examines the inside and outside of the dwelling. The inspector will look for any evidence of water damage, possible code violations, foundation issues, plumbing or electrical problems, to name a few.

In addition, this person will examine appliances, chimneys, the HVAC system, light fixtures, sprinklers, and the circuit breaker.

Some inspectors will include thermal imaging for leak detection without an additional charge. Be sure to ask when shopping around for estimates.

After the inspection is over, the home buyer receives a written report of all of the inspection findings.

It is important to note that mold inspections are usually not included in home inspections. If the inspector notices a severe case of mold, he or she may comment on it on the report. However, mold is a technical issue requiring an inspection by a mold expert. You may want to consider getting a mold inspection here in Florida, where moisture issues can be a problem due to our high humidity.

In addition, home inspectors usually do not look for termite damage. You may also want to consider looking into this specialized inspection.

Other services typically not included are radon checks, asbestos testing, septic inspection, and sewer scope inspections.

So, How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Florida?  

In Florida, the average home inspection costs $302, ranging from $254-$374. Of course, this number is for average-sized homes. Small home buyers can expect to pay as little as $124, while substantial homes pay up to $1,000 or more for an inspection.

How Long do Home Inspections Take?

Typical home inspections take about 2-3 hours. This is an average, and larger homes may take longer. In some cases, you might be able to accompany the home inspector during the inspection to learn about the issues in the dwelling.

Do You Want to Avoid the Time and Cost of Hiring a Home Inspector?

If you are buying or selling a home in Florida and want to avoid the cost and time of a home inspection, you can consider selling your house as-is. Selling your home to a company that buys homes for cash can minimize or eliminate this timely and costly process.

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