Buying Or Selling Real Estate After It Is Conveyed

There is almost nothing in real estate that is straightforward. Even the most basic transactions have a snag with the title or something in the closing process that throws you a curveball. This is only heightened if the previous owner passes away. Conveying ownership in this scenario can tack on several months to the process […]

What’s Your Career Choice “Why”?

My first recollection of a true and deep interest in design goes back to when I was approximately 5 years of age.  The reason for my intrigue began with a family trip to the museum where I saw an exhibit of Ancient Architecture including; Egypt, Greece and Italy.  The pyramids were especially exciting and mysterious […]

The Most Common Challenges Of Selling An Inherited Property

In the world of real estate, you never know what is on the horizon. There are plenty of times when situation is thrown on your lap completely out of the blue with unfamiliar circumstances. Such can the case with inherited properties. Dealing with an inherited property  or a property in probate can be one of […]

Are Vacation Houses A Smart Investment?

There is nothing quite like spending time with friends and family at a vacation rental property. In fact, there is a chance that some of you are reading this right now sipping coffee overlooking your favorite morning spot. As much as you may relish your time spent there it doesn’t necessarily mean you should make […]

The Short Sale Process – 5 Major Points Distressed Sellers Should Know

A lot has changed in the world of real estate over the last decade.As difficult as it may be to believe, the mortgage collapse was over ten years ago. One of the defining terms shortly after the collapse was “short sale”. There is a good chance that even if you were in real estate you […]

The Impact Of A Foreclosure On Your Credit Report

There are few things more impactful to your financial health than a foreclosure. Aside from a bankruptcy, a property foreclosure is one of the worst things that can negatively affect your credit. Not only does it hurt your credit in the short term, but it has a lasting impact that could take years to recover. […]

Debunking The Most Common Real Estate Investing Myths

The real estate investing business is full of misinformation. With the business growing in popularity over the years more people have become “experts.” With the influx of information, theories and rationale it is difficult to decipher what is real and what is fake. If the person providing the information is passionate enough it is easy […]

So you want to make changes and need an Interior Designer….

When you decide to make any changes to your existing home or are moving into a new home that needs changes, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration.  It can be very overwhelming for most people, make sure you take the time to do some research.  For example; some professionals describe […]