Uncertainty Can Be Overwhelming

Just a short time ago we were all going about our daily lives, doing the things we are comfortable with.   Looking forward to Spring breaks, vacations, sporting events, and so many other events we all love and enjoy.   Now we are all faced with the reality of the pandemic the world has come to know as the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  You probably have heard this before “it’s not a matter of if this could happen, but when”.   As scary as uncertainty is, it is a time to learn and listen to information that is made available to protect yourselves and your families.  The world has experienced several epidemics and pandemics throughout history.  We will survive this and move forward as we have in the past.

Unfortunately, we all have had to change plans.  We know its for the best, keeping everyone safe and healthy is the number one priority.  We like many others had plans to be with our children and grandchildren over Spring Break and are unable to be together.  As sad as we are about this, we feel better knowing they are not taking risks traveling at this time and look forward to seeing them soon.  We are blessed to have family and friends and will focus on the positives.   We think about the less fortunate who are unable to travel and or see family anytime.

My aunt that has been inspiring all who know her and me my whole life has been battling cancer on and off for 20 years.   She was recently hospitalized and is now unable to have any visitors due to her weakened immune system, it’s a time you want to be with her and know that the risk is to high for her.  The Champlain at the hospital shared a prayer with her, that I thought is calming and wanted to share:

A Prayer for Inner Peace

Kind and caring God, my once secure life now holds much challenge and change, Come into my heart and quiet my anxiety.  Be there with the gifts of your peace and guidance.

Let me not be overwhelmed with fear of the unknown.  Grant me the ability to face whatever awaits me.  Take my hand and assure me that you will always be with me, no matter what the future holds.  Amen  – Joyce Rupp From Your Sorrow Is My Sorrow

Try to keep your focus on the future and stay calm about the present and you will find peace.

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