What’s Your Career Choice “Why”?

My first recollection of a true and deep interest in design goes back to when I was approximately 5 years of age.  The reason for my intrigue began with a family trip to the museum where I saw an exhibit of Ancient Architecture including; Egypt, Greece and Italy.  The pyramids were especially exciting and mysterious to me.  I just could not figure out how they could have built those massive structures.  To this day, I still have a strong fascination and some theories about how the massive structures were designed and completed by hand.

As I young child I was also exposed to different residential styles when we moved from Minnesota to California.  I really liked the Spanish style stucco homes with arches and clay roof tiles.   The interior paints were also very vibrant and colorful.  This was really different from the typical Midwest style homes I was accustomed to.  After California we moved up the coast to Seattle.  It was in Seattle that I saw my first tri-level home.  Another thing that was new to me was that they didn’t have screen doors or screens on windows.  I remember asking why and was told; “because we don’t have mosquito’s!”  Minnesota had a lot of them!

As an adult I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to redesign and remodel several homes.  I have a true passion for design  and while I really love the creative aspects of design I am not afraid to dig in and grab a hammer, hang drywall, paint, stain, and all other finishing tasks to complete the project.  I think of it as instant gratification, it may not seem like it when your hand is tired of holding a paint brush.  However, when you stand back and see what you have accomplished, it’s awesome.

The first new construction home I designed was in 2000.  I went searching through numerous magazines and every online source I could think of for inspiration and my ideal dream home and could not find one single plan that fit my vision.  I finally chose the closest  plan I could find.  It was so exciting, once I found the plan that would work.  I finally got to have my own wet coast style stucco exterior!   Next I began redesigning each room one-by-one, some with radical structural changes and others with minimal changes.

Creating designs for new spaces is always exciting.  I never feel like I am going to “work”, every day is different and every day brings new opportunities to design new spaces.

Always keep your “Why”  in mind and whatever you do, you will succeed and be happier!

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