Best Out of State Moving Companies (for Florida)

Moving to another state can be one of the most stressful experiences you have. That is why you will want to find a reliable moving company that can help make the transition an easier process for you and your family.

Best Out of State Moving Companies for Florida

When looking for great out-of-state moving companies, there are a few qualities you will want to look for.

Customer Service

When moving out of state, you will likely have a lot of questions and last-minute issues will pop up. You will want to go with a company that has a great reputation for good customer service to help guide you through the stressful process.

Accurate Pricing

There is nothing worse than getting a moving quote for one price, with a final price tag of a different price. When looking into out-of-state moving companies, look for one that is known for accurate pricing. 

Overall Value

While one company may not have the best price you can find, they may allow for last-minute schedule changes. Some out-of-state moving companies have a great overall reputation and can be a good moving experience from start to finish.

Complex or High-End Moves

Do you have unique or high-end furniture? If so, you will want to look for a company that can help you with moving those complex pieces.

Scheduling or Last-Minute Changes

When moving out of state, there are bound to be some last-minute scheduling changes. That is because there are a lot of moving parts (pun intended!) with a “move” this big. Look for a company that is willing to handle any scheduling changes you might incur.

Best Out of State Moving Companies

Here are our recommendations for the best out-of-state moving companies.

American Van Lines

Touted as a leader in customer service and great overall value, American Van Lines is hard to beat when it comes to an out-of-state move. This company has been in business for over 20 years and offers excellent customer service. They can even handle last-minute moves!

Moving APT

Moving APT has 150 agents nationwide, so it is known for its high-quality customer service for out-of-state moves.

This company offers price matching, customizes plans for its customers, and free storage for up to 30 days. Contact them for a no-obligation quote.

Dedicated Van Lines

With an A+ online reputation, Dedicated Van Lines offers high-quality packing and moving services that cover all 50 states. They offer a responsive, online customer service chat and well-trained employees that can easily answer your interstate moving questions.

Northern Moving Systems

Northern Moving Company offers interstate moves at a budget-friendly rate. They have been in the moving business for a long time, so they offer quality long-distance moves at the local, out-of-state and international levels!

This company offers pricing transparency and will disconnect and reconnect your major appliances.

JK Moving Services

If you have high-end furniture, JK Moving Services is the company for you. They also offer low deposit rates for interstate movers and offer to finance for those that need it. They’re extremely responsive customer service agents would love to answer any questions you have!

Pricing Van Lines

Offering excellent custom-made moving strategies and no-obligation quotes, Pricing Van Lines is a quality out-of-state moving company.

You will find a great customer service live chat on their website, along with helpful pricing information. You can even choose a time for their representative to call you back.

This company also offers a competitive pricing structure, and knowledgeable, background-checked staff to answer your questions and move your belongings safely.

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