I Want to Sell My House Now – Frequently Asked Questions

You want to sell your house fast, but you don’t know where to start? Well, here are answers to the most common questions from home sellers looking to sell as quickly as possible.

I want to sell my house now. Where do I start?

The first thing you need to consider is your timeline. How quickly do you need or want to sell? If you are not in a hurry, then your best option is probably to contact a local real estate agent to list your home on the traditional real estate market. The real estate agent will show you comparables for your home to help determine your list price and what repairs or upgrades you should do.

If you need or want to sell very quickly, then read the next FAQ.

I want to sell my house NOW, or I need to sell my house ASAP. Where do I start?

If time is of the essence, then you may need to bypass the conventional real estate market and look straight to companies that buy houses for cash or cash investors. Cash is king when it comes to the speed of a real estate transaction. Selling a house takes an average of 90 days on the traditional real estate market. But, with cash transactions, you’re looking at an average of 5-7 days.

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Can I sell my house as is? Should I sell my house as is?

Yes, you can sell your house as-is. But, on the traditional real estate market, selling a house as-is usually results in more Days on Market (DOM) and lower purchase offers. That is because homebuyers prefer turn-key homes and will factor the cost of repairs into their offer price. So, you will need to weigh the cost of repairs, DOM, and desired purchase price to decide whether or not you should sell as is.

Selling a house as-is on the traditional real estate market is a disadvantage. However, cash investors often look for homes that need TLC. So, if you want to sell fast or don’t have the money for repairs or upgrades, you should consider companies that buy houses for cash.

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I want to sell my house now, but are “we buy houses” a good deal?

Companies that buy houses for cash do pay less than market value for a house. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you lose a lot of money by accepting their offer. There are lots of costs involved with selling a home on the traditional market: real estate agent commissions, repairs, upgrades, additional mortgage payments, and more. Once you factor in all those costs, a “Sell House for Cash” offer might look a lot more attractive to you.

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If you live in Florida and are saying, “I want to sell my house now!” Tropic Coast Homes can help. We can provide you with a no-obligation cash offer to help you weigh your options.

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