Buying a House in Florida for Airbnb

Buying a house in Florida for Airbnb is a great investment when you find the right location. Despite what outsiders might think, Florida isn’t all beaches and amusement parks. While Orlando and Miami are the “go-to” cities in Florida, those cities’ price points aren’t as attractive to investors. Southwest Florida, however, has a lot to […]

How to Buy a House in Florida FROM Companies that Buy Houses

Companies that buy houses for cash take distressed houses and turn them into beautiful homes for people just like you. That means repairs and renovations are professionally done by seasoned contractors, not homeowners taking on DIY projects before listing their homes for sale.   Buying directly from companies that buy houses gives you an edge […]

5 Smart Tips for Selling a House “As Is”

Selling a house “as is” can save you time, which in turn saves you money. If you need to sell a home quickly or simply don’t have repair money, you always have the option to sell “as is.” While selling a house “as is” sounds easy, there are some things you should know.   We’ve […]

How Long Does A Foreclosure Take in Florida?

An impending foreclosure can leave you feeling stressed and unsure of what’s to come. At times like this, it’s normal to feel scared. However, rather than let the fear take over, educate yourself to understand the foreclosure process and how much time you have. The length of foreclosure varies from place to place. If you […]

Buying a House in Florida: Avoid These Mistakes!

Buying a home is one of the most monumental moments of your life. It brings a great feeling of accomplishment, especially when you are buying a house in Florida. It’s really a great place to live! Regardless if you’re retiring or still raising a family, there are cities that offer something for everyone. Yet still, […]

Buying a House in Florida: How Much Do I Need?

Florida is one of the most desirable states to own a home. There’s no wonder why – the gorgeous beaches and perfect year-round weather, what more could you ask for? Well, you might ask how much money you need for buying a house in Florida. Today we’ll take a look at just what it takes […]