How to Sell House for Cash in Florida

If you need to sell your house fast, investors that buy houses for cash may be your best option. With cash offers, you don’t have to wait for buyers to get approved and funded by a bank. Investors and companies that buy houses for cash can close the deal as quickly as a few days.  However, there are some things you should know before jumping in. Today we will discuss how to sell a house for cash in Florida.

Sell House for Cash- How Does it Work?

While you may picture the buyer coming in and handing you a briefcase full of money, this isn’t what happens. A cash offer essentially means the offer is not contingent on the buyer needing to secure financing.


In general, cash buyers don’t need financing from lenders to purchase the house, and they tend to buy homes that are “off-market”. This makes the selling process much easier for you since there are fewer contingencies to deal with. For example, you don’t need to have the house appraised for the bank, nor wait for buyer funding. And in many cases, don’t have to deal with inspections. Perhaps the best part is you’ll eliminate most of the unknowns and won’t have to deal with showings!

Find Your Buyer

To sell your house for cash in Florida, the first thing you will have to do is find a buyer. This can be made easier by hiring a real estate agent if you can afford it. Reputable agents have a good understanding of how the local market works, and often have valuable contacts in the investor world.


Your other option is to remove the middle man and contact companies that buy houses in Florida. Florida companies that buy houses for cash are great because they will buy the house “as is.” So, you don’t have to worry about investing in repairs that you won’t get your money back on. Furthermore, they make the process quick and easy.

Start Collecting and Reviewing Offers

Even if you want to sell your house fast, this doesn’t mean you should take the first offer you receive. It’s best to contact multiple real estate investors and companies that buy houses for cash, so you can see who offers you the most value.


How do you know what a fair offer is? Well, you should give your home an honest rating as far as how good of shape it’s in. You can then look at recently sold properties in the area to see how much they sold for. You’ll have to factor in discounts for repairs, deduct the investor’s profit, and subtract for commission – you’ll then have a fair price.


Here are some things to ask yourself when reviewing offers:


  • Has the buyer closed on homes before?
  • Is your buyer offering a standard contract? If not, does the buyer mind if a lawyer reviews the terms?
  • Is the person willing to meet you face-to-face? Or do they insist on only doing business over the phone?


In the end, trying to sell your home for cash in Florida can be stressful. Just be sure to ask lots of questions and beware of scams. If you aren’t willing to conduct background checks on potential cash buyers, it’s probably best that you find companies that buy houses in Florida. Dealing with a legitimate company will cut down on your chances of being scammed.


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