Selling A House As Is – 3040 Tyrone Lane, Sarasota FL

Property update.  We purchased the Assignment of Purchase and Sale Contract for this home from Gulf Cold Front LLC.  They had a Purchase and Sale contract for this property from the seller who is elderly and wanted to sell and move in with a member of her family.  The advantage we had was to offer the seller cash for her home.  This allowed her to sell her house for cash without worrying whether the buyer needed to qualify for a bank loan.  Tropic Coast Homes had intended to rehab this property and bring it up to modern design and function.  Our contractor was in place for the project and the Scope of Work was ready for each area of the home that was to be remodeled.  Plans called for new flooring, paint, doors, molding, bathrooms, kitchen with all new cabinets and new functional layout.  The pool was scheduled for a re-plaster and new tile to make it sparkle.  Tropic Coast Homes was contacted by an individual who wanted the property in an as is condition.  He and his wife wanted a winter retreat and thought this property would be perfect.  They had plans to renovate the property a little at a time but were very pleased with the well-maintained property.  We agreed to sell the Assignment of Contract to the new buyers.  This gave them a chance to help the seller who needed to possibly stay in the property for a few months after closing.  A big advantage to selling a property directly to an investor like us, is the advantage of selling a house as is.  This allows you to sell your house fast and sell it for cash with no delays or waiting for buyers to qualify.  If you are looking for a company to buy your house with cash with no fees or closing costs, please contact Tropic Coast Homes at 239-256-6664.  P.S. We buy ugly houses also.

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