Need to Sell My House ASAP- What Do I Do?

Selling a house is stressful enough without facing a serious time crunch. Regardless if you’re trying to sell for personal reasons, financial reasons, or because you have a new job, there are several options you can choose from. Here are the best ways to sell your house fast.

3 Best Ways to Sell Your House Fast

It is possible to sell your house fast with any of the following methods, though none is faster than the third option. With the third option, you can easily close in less than a week.

1. For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

This option is not for everyone. However, if you can list your home for sale by owner, you will save the 3 percent commission you’d have to pay your listing agent. Though you will still have to pay the 3 percent to the buyer’s agent, it at least saves you some money. To sell your house fast with this method, you’ll likely have to list it for just below market value, depending on the current demand.

Just keep in mind that you must be prepared to negotiate like a professional. You’ll also need to coordinate with title and escrow companies, negotiate timelines for the escrow, and possibly even get in contact with an attorney to ensure you’ve completed all necessary forms. Hence, knowing the process is very important, especially if you need the process to happen quickly.

2. Hire an Agent

While hiring an agent will cost you money, the upside is that the right professional will know exactly what it takes to sell a home in your area quickly. They will streamline the contract paperwork, handle negotiations, and also coordinate the signing and closing. Again, to sell your fast, you may need to list it a little under market value depending on current market demand.

Just be sure that the agent you hire is proven, and they have a track record of selling houses fast. Such experts understand what makes a buyer tick, and they know how to use negotiations to secure a fast sale.  However, most contracts with real estate agents have a 6-month commitment. So, if they don’t sell fast, you may have to wait out the contract.

3. Sell House for Cash

The fastest option is to sell the house for cash. Companies that buy houses for cash will buy the home “as-is,” so you won’t need to spend time or money on repairs. Though you may end up getting less than you would in the regular market, you will save the 6 percent on the agent commission. Plus, you’ll save time—and the extra mortgage payments that come with time passing.  Companies that buy houses for cash can close in 5 days, whereas the methods above take an average of 90 days.

Options to Sell Your House Fast

In the end, you’ve got options when it comes to selling a house fast. Just be sure to enlist the right help and plan carefully. This will help ensure you get a fair deal regardless of which method you use. Now that you know all the options, it’s a matter of selecting the one that’s best for you.


If you need to sell your house fast in southwest Florida, contact Tropic Coast Homes today. We pride ourselves on giving fair cash offers to help people sell their homes fast. At the very least, you’ll know all your options.


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