How to Sell a Condemned House in Florida

What is a Condemned House?

Are you stuck with a condemned house and trying to figure out how to sell it? If so, we have some advice for you. Keep reading to find out if your house is indeed condemned, and learn how to sell a condemned house in Florida.

A condemned house or property is one that a government entity has seized, closed, or placed restrictions on for various reasons. Usually, the property has several housing violations and poses a risk to public health and safety, under the local laws.

No one is allowed to live in a condemned house until the owner can prove that the cited issues have been fixed.

How to Sell a Condemned House in Florida

If you own a condemned house and want to sell it, do not despair. There are things you can do to sell a condemned house in Florida!

Fix It Up
The first option to sell a condemned house in Florida is to fix it up! Look at the house as a major “fixer-upper.” What housing codes does the property violate? How can you fix those?

For this to be a valid option, you first need to know the costs. For each safety hazard or violation, contact a contractor or expert to provide a quote to fix the issue. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that it is not as expensive as you thought. Or, it might be the wake-up call you need to realize that it is just too expensive to fix up the house.

Sell It “As Is”

Another option for selling a condemned house in Florida is to sell it “as is.” That means you simply sell the home in its current state without fixing it up.

Listing a condemned home in the traditional real estate market is unlikely to sell well. While most people are okay with purchasing homes that need a few repairs, most are not willing or able to deal with the level of work required for a condemned house.

More so, the vast majority of lenders will not issue a loan on condemned houses. Most buyers on the traditional real estate market require financing. That means most traditional buyers cannot purchase your condemned house unless they have enough capital on their own.

Another thing to consider when listing the house in the traditional market is that it usually comes with fees and time commitments. You will have to pay realtor commissions and listing fees and be available to show the home.

Sell Your House for Cash to Investors

Another option is to sell your house for cash in Florida. Companies that buy houses for cash are often very interested in condemned houses. They can offer you a fair price, make the repairs, and flip the property.

They pay cash for houses in any condition, “as is.” Best of all, they take the property off your hands fast! Most deals close within 10 days.

How to Sell a Condemned House in Florida to Us!

If you own a condemned house or property in Florida and want to sell it quickly and hassle-free, Tropic Coast Homes is happy to help! We can buy your house fast– saving you time and money— and offer a fair price. Contact us today for more information!

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