How To Choose Between Companies That Buy Houses

You’ve seen the signs posted across town: ‘I Buy Houses,’ ‘Sell House for Cash,’ and the ever-so-popular ‘I Buy Ugly Houses.” But these little signs don’t tell you what you really need to know. Yes, these are companies that buy houses for cash, but are they the right company for you?

What You Need to Know About Companies That Buy Houses

If you need to sell your house fast, companies that buy houses can seal a deal quickly. But the people who buy houses are not created equal. So, before you shake any hands, be sure to consider the following.

 Location, Location, Location

Location is always crucial in any real estate deal, whether you are selling traditionally or to cash buyers. Do not assume the company linked to the sign or online ad you saw is local. You should prioritize companies that are from your area. Local companies that buy houses will:

  • Know your local real estate market
  • Already have local connections
  • Most likely to present a fair offer or buyer the fastest

Companies that buy houses all over the country do not have insider insight into your local real estate market. This usually means two things. One, they will pad their offer to make up for their ignorance of your market. And two, they will take longer to make an offer or produce a buyer because they do not have local connections.



 Age Before Beauty

The popularity of home renovation shows has caused an influx of self-proclaimed ‘flippers.’ Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but do you want that someone to start with your house? Sure, they will be full of energy with shiny new brochures, but you need to see past that.

Your best course of action is to select an established ‘we buy houses’ company. You’ll recognize them by the slump in their shoulders and premature gray hair. Just kidding! But, experienced buyers know what it really takes to seal a deal fast. They will have a history of successful transactions, which puts them in the best position to offer you the best deal.

The Right Price

Ok, you have narrowed it down to local and experienced companies that buy houses. Now what? Request an offer! Most ‘we buy houses fast’ companies will give you an offer within hours, if not minutes of a short conversation or after you complete a custom form. But, remember, it doesn’t all come down to which offer is higher!

In addition to the price, you must also consider:

  • the timeline to close
  • any conditions
  • any fees
  • company testimonials

Be wary of companies that have conditions and fees. The best companies will buy your house without any cost to you. You simply give them a call, they make an offer, and you decide whether to accept or decline. It should really be as quick and as simple as that!

Companies that Buy Houses in Florida

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